Education services provides preschool education, comprehensive schooling, and morning and afternoon activities for schoolchildren.

The person in charge of education services is the comprehensive school Principal Anni Riikka Leskinen, tel. +358 (0)50 409 750 6, anniriikka.leskinen(at)

Both the preschool and comprehensive school aim to provide the child with a learning environment that supports their learning of basic skills and knowledge, as well as learning how to acquire information and apply it. The pupil is supported in acquiring good learning motivation and co-operation skills. During general education the pupil will grow as a person and learn to respect the environment.

Both the preschool and comprehensive school aim to reach the goals of the comprehensive education act, the basics of the syllabus and the municipality syllabus. The goals are pursued by securing for the child the expertise of the school staff, the necessary teaching materials and a mentally and physically safe learning environment.


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