Comprehensive school


Comprehensive education means a general education for the whole age group. It is meant for children over 7 years old up to the age of 16 and takes 9 years to complete in the comprehensive school.

The Basic Education Act and the Basic Education Decree regulate the arrangements for comprehensive education. The content and working methods of education are described in the syllabus basics confirmed by the National Board of Education.

Comprehensive education is takes place in the Puumala comprehensive school (Kirkkotie 3 B).

The comprehensive education goal to provide the child with a learning environment that supports their learning of basic skills and knowledge, as well as learning how to acquire information and apply it during the whole general education. The pupil is supported in acquiring good learning motivation and co-operation skills. During general education the pupil will grow as a person and learn to respect the environment.

Puumala comprehensive school (years 0 – 9)
Principal Anni Riikka Leskinen
Kirkkotie 3 B, 52200 PUUMALA
+358 (0)50 409 750 6, anniriikka.leskinen(at)