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Bus timetables

All public transport timetables and connections to and from Puumala can be found in the Matkahuolto journey planner.

There are several connections to the city of Mikkeli, but there are some connections to Savonlinna or Imatra too. These three cities are the nearest ones with railway stations and long-distance bus stations.

Puumala – Mikkeli

Mon-Fri6.10 am7.30 am
Mon-Fri7.20 am8.40 am
Sat8.35 am9.50 am
Mon-Fri9.30 am10.50 am
Mon-Fri3.05 pm4.20 pm
Fri, Sun*5.10 pm6.25 pm

Mikkeli – Puumala

Mon-Fri7.30 am8.55 am
Mon-Fri12.45 pm2.10 pm
Sat2.20 pm3.25 pm
Mon-Fri2.25 pm3.30 pm
Mon-Fri4.20 pm5.30 pm
Fri, Sun*7.00 pm8.05 pm

Puumala – Imatra

Mon-Fri2.15 pm3.30 pm

Imatra – Puumala

Mon-Fri8.10 am9.30 am

Puumala – Savonlinna

Mon-Fri9.00 am10.30 am

Savonlinna – Puumala

Mon-Fri1.30 pm3.00 pm

Sun* = on Sundays / on the latter of two consecutive public holidays.

Updated on 12th December 2022.


Contacts & information:

Mikkelin seudun maaseutuliikenne (Puumala-Mikkeli timetables, prices and ticket information)

Tilausliikenne Himanen (Puumala-Sulkava-Savonlinna tickets & prices)

Saimaan Turistiliikenne (Mikkeli-Puumala-Ruokolahti-Imatra)

Tilausliikenne Himanen Oy p. 0400 153 884,

Saimaan Turistiliikenne Oy p. 0400 719 451,

Soisalon Liikenne Oy p. 020 7411 091,



Puumala Taxi

Taxi rank+358 (0)601 100 31