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Puumala Event Calendar 2022

2.01.22. - 31.12.22..

Events 2022

Note! Events may change due to changing covid-restrictions. Always check the organizer of the event for the latest information.


Things to do, see and taste, items and events:

The Puumala info is open on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. Puumala souvenirs, books and cards. Puumala Municipality Hall, Tourist Information, Keskustie 14.

Kino Saimaa – all movies in Puumala can be found at this link! School auditorium, Kirkkotie 3.

Lasiruusu glass workshop and sales exhibition open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, Niementie 1.

Koskenselä Holiday Village frisbee golf & nature trail. Koskenseläntie 98. www.koskenselka.fi

Restaurant Hovi is open daily. Lunch on weekdays from 11 am to 3 pm. Welcome to eat and enjoy! Keskustie 12. https://www.ravintolahovi.com/

Sahanlahti Pajapirtti open as a seal on Sat 8.1. until 1 pm-6pm (serving ends at 5pm). Welcome! Lietvedentie 830. Read more, including open fire dinners coming: https://sahanlahtiresort.fi/avotuliravintola-pajapirtti/

Puumalan Poiju restaurant open Tue-Sat 11-16. Satamatie 5. https://puumalanpoiju.fi/

Reko Puumala local food sales every second week on Sat 12-12:30. Local products directly from local producers to customers by pre-order. In the “Puolukkatori” square in front of the municipality hall, Keskustie 14. Orders and more information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3040546739296892/

Liehtalanniemi museum estate courtyard and nature trail open to visitors. Ylössaarentie 205.

Hanhiniityn Paja blacksmith’s workshop open by appointment. Forging courses also available. Ylössaarentie 84.

Saimaa Canoeing – Canoe Saimaa all year round! Guided tours and independent kayaking holidays. Ylössaarentie 84. Tel. 050 548 7653 www.saimaacanoeing.fi