This page contains information on building inspection and the necessary building permits.

The Building Inspector handles:

  • Building permits
  • Action permits
  • Action announcements
  • Demolition permits and announcements
  • Extension times for building permits

The Environment Secretary handles:

  • Environmental permits
  • Landscape permits

The Land Use Technician:

  • Address system

Building regulation: Distances and other more specific requirements for building and permit consent are found in the building regulations.

Building permit: For building, extensions of buildings, major overhauls and change of use a building permit must be applied for.

Extension application: An extension is applied when more time is needed to start building or to extend completion time.

Action permit: Buildings and renewal of the sewer system are subject to an action permit. Operations subject to an action permit are found mainly in the building regulations.

Action announcement: A building smaller than 20m2 requires an action announcement (sheds, storage, gazebos etc.). With the announcement there must be provided at least ground, floor, facade and intersection plans as an attachment.

If required, a neighbours’ hearing/agreement must be provided, attached to the action permit and action announcement.

Demolition permit: required every time when operating on a zoning area and the building is not a commercial building.

Demolition announcement: when a building is demolished for new construction, a building is destroyed by fire or torn down for any other reason.

Inspections: The inspections mentioned in the permit decision are carried out by the Building Inspector.

Marking the building site: Markings are carried out by the Environmental Secretary when operating outside a zoning area and the Land Use Technician in a zoning area.

Permit of exception: Permits of exception related to building (decisions: Technical Manager, Technical Board or Municipal Board).

Landscape permit: A landscape permit must be applied for an operation that changes the landscape (Environment Secretary).

When cutting down trees in a zoning area, notification must be made to the Building Inspector’s office. (Environment Secretary)


Contact information:

Deliver or post a paper application to the following address:

A fee is charged for converting a paper application into digital form.

Puumalan kunta, rakennusvalvonta
Keskustie 14


Building inspector Heikki Virta +358 (0)50 301 287 5.

Office hours on Tuesdays 12.00 am – 3.00 pm and Thursdays 9.00 am – 12.00 am. Make sure the Building Inspector is present by calling and making an appointment beforehand.

Environment Secretary Timo Hämäläinen timo.hamalainen(at)

Office secretary Mari Lappalainen +358 (0)40 186 176 3, mari.lappalainen(at)

Office secretary Leena Torvinen +358 (0)40 823 046 5, leena.torvinen(at)


Puumalan Vesiosuuskunta deals with water and sewer connection matters in the area.
Contact information: CEO Leena Torvinen tel. +358 (0)50 582 334 5.