Waste disposal


The municipality organises waste management in the dispersed settlement areas of Puumala. All permanent and holiday homes in occupation must be joined to the waste management system. For example, taking waste from a holiday home to the waste bin at the permanent residence does not fulfil this requirement. Properties have 3 options for organising waste management.

  1. The property has its own rubbish bin.
  2. The property is part of a so-called waste group, where several properties use a joint bin.
  3. The property uses a regional collection point and pays a yearly waste fee to the municipality.

There are waste collection points organised by property owners in the central area, and the agreement on waste collection is made directly with the waste-collection company.

The Environment Secretary takes care of the office duties related to waste management. He/she decides on waste fee payments, extensions of waste bin emptying timetables, moderation of waste fees and handles waste fee reminders.

Certain waste types are accepted free of charge at the Puumala central municipality depot in Airokuja 15 on Tuesdays at 12 am – 3 pm, on Thursdays at 9 am – 12 am and on Saturdays at 10 am – 1 pm. These waste types are:

  • Dangerous waste
  • Electric and electronic waste
  • Junk metal
  • Pressure treated timber

Information on sorting and recycling waste and waste fees via the link: www.metsasairila.fi

The municipal-maintained bins are recognized by the new stickers.