Available facilities

Available business properties and facilities

We are happy to assist you in finding the best possible facilities for your business in Puumala. There are, among others, the following options:

There are business spaces right in the Puumala centre as follows: We help you find spaces that will meet your and your client’s needs.

Office facilities are available at the municipality centre for example in Koulukartano. The Municipality hall also has office spaces to rent for longer or shorter use.

For small-scale industry there are spaces available in municipality owned industrial halls. Facilities can be adapted according to the needs of your company.

Business properties are available for industrial purposes right near Kantatie 62 at affordable prices and which have already been zoned. For service industry companies there are properties available, for example in the municipality centre.

Contact us and we’ll find the best possible solutions for your company together!

In property and facility related matters contact: